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I am worried that I may be transsexual because I ...

I think I am starting to realise that I may be transsexual. I don't find girls attractive and most of the time I imagine myself in my head as being a female. I am worried if these are signs that I am transsexual and what would be the steps to take afterwards if I found out I am one.

I am a teacher and students use homophobic language. What ...

I teach mathematics at a suburban Toronto area vocational school. Virtually all of the students at the school have learning disabilities, behavioural issues, or some other reason for NOT attending a "regular" school. Many of the students are immature / confused / angry. For the most part, these students do not make bigoted remarks regarding ethnicity or religion. However, "fag" and "gay" seem to be common put downs - used as synonyms for stupid or unpleasant. Occasionally, I will stop the lesson and try this approach: "You wouldn't attack people based on their skin colour or religion, so why are you offending people based on sexual orientation?”. I have also ejected students from the classroom for persistent homophobic language. This is a workplace school, so I have also pointed out that a boss / co-worker may be gay / lesbian or have friends / family who are. They may severely mess up their career by being bigoted, rude and homophobic. Any better approach?

I have so many feelings for a teacher…

I am 20 years old. I go to college 3 days a week where I am taught by my female tutor who is really kind to me. Shes been treating me special ever since she heard about my abusive past and lets me email her whenever I want to. The thing is i really like her, so much it hurts and whenever we meet I always get a hug and a smile which I know is just her caring but its really screwing with my feelings. I dont want to tell her about me but lately ive been withdrawing more from her because of these feelings and even being angry. Im so confused please help me.

Can you tell me more about bisexuals ?

hi ... mine name is geraldine , i'm only 13 ... i'm not sure that i'm a lesbian or whatever stuff i'm meant ... i look at boys in school , they cute XD but , i look at gals too ... don't know why also! they look even cuter than guys .. annd i always wanted a second look ... now ... i think i'm crushing on this gal ... i wanted to know more about her ... but i'm not sure too ....could you tell me more about bisexual stuff PLS i'm cluless!

I am to shy to talk to others and I ...

Hi, I recently move to ottawa and I have yet to make any friends. I have also recently come to understand that I am a lesbian. I am a native and came from a very small community so coming out would be very hard for me since everyone back home will definately know no matter who I tell. School is definately a nightmare for me since a) I am gay b) I am one of the very few aboriginal students in the entire school and c) No one in the school has taken the time to talk to me. This is all very depressing for me. It makes my life harder than it already is. In my school I am already labelled as a shy person that is basically a loser. But since no one has talked to me no one knows that i am really a great person well so all my friends say. I don't tell my friends back home how my life is here and I am not really sure why. can you please help me out with this?

Whats happening with me ?

Okay, this is a toughie, but it is tearing me apart. I'm a guy who recently broke up with a girlfriend of four years which was very sexual, and I really enjoyed it. However, I was always be aware of a side of me that enjoyed crossdressing. I never really explored it. It came and went. Now I am starting a new relationship with a girl, but am finding it very difficult sexually, maybe because of lack of confidence, I don't know. However, the whole crossdressing and being with other crossdressers is turning me on alot right now ie performing oral. I don't know if my ability to perform sexually is due to a shift in my sexual orientation (pratically during one month?). I don't find guys attractive at all - could never imagine falling in love with a guy, but the whole penis thing does turn me on. When I do have sex with my new girlrfriend, it is amazing, but I am having trouble staying hard enough to put on a condom, so it doesn't always happen. Is it a confidence thing, or am I turning?

I am confused with my feeling for a friend

I am a 19 year old Lesbian and my best friend is 22 and I think she's straight or possibly bi. The problem is that I have never had very close relationships with really anybody-but over the last year we do everything together. I have never felt so close to anybody in my life and I am in love with her. I don't know what to do because I want to tell her but I am afraid of ruining our friendship. It's just really hard because I keep hoping that one day she will feel the same way about me. It hurts to be around her and it hurts to be away from her. I hate keeping things bottled up inside but it would kill me if I messed up what I have in her as a friend. Ahhh I am so confused and I don't know what to do or say.

What exactly is bisexual ?

What exactly is bisexual? I'm the Mom of a 15 yr old girl who has just informed me that she is bisexual. The problem is I don't think she understands all the implications of that label. She has always walked "to the beat of a different drumer" -always trying to fit in. She started high school this year and I think she has finally found a group that will accept her and she is identifying with them. She has always seemed attracted to guys but says that was all an act to hide her true feelings from me. I'm confused as a parent. I want to support her but I'm afraid for her too. I have asked her to take it slow and make sure this is truly her choice of sexuality. Her father and I will accept her no matter what - we just want her to be sure that she's not just 'labeling' herself to fit in. Am I hurting her psychologically by asking her to question her choice before making commitments? Right now she has a bf who is also bisexual.

How can I tell if this girl likes me ?

How can i tell if a girl likes me when i see her in the halls she passes me by and waves "hi" to me sometimes and sometimes she ignores me like she doesn't see me but im pretty sure she does and she smiles at me and last time she started playing with my hair but she has a boyfriend but i guess that maybe she is bi does she like me or not?

I want to tell my friend I am bisexual, but ...

Hi, i'm bisexual and i haven't told one of my best friends yet because i'm afraid she won't want to hang out with me anymore. Shes totally excepting of people but whenever she sees a gay girl or girls holding hands she thinks its really weird. I've known her for 9 years and I don't want this to ruin it. I know she should except me for me if she was really my friend but I don't know if she could handle this. What should I say when i come out, that won't scare her away?