I have so many feelings for a teacher…

Hi Louise,

I understand how you can feel in such a situation. It’s frequent that people fall in love with their teacher, doctor, nurse, psychologist, social worker and tutors for different reasons, but mainly because of their caring and their position. It’s normal that you feel confused and angry beacause she cares about you and threats you specially, but in another hand, you know she’ there to help you so that doesn’t mean she loves you. This kind of confusion in addition to repressing your feelings can be very frustrated.

You wrote you don’t want to speak about your feelings to her. This solution could have been a good solution because it would give you the chance to be sure about her feelings. Furthermore, it would make her think about the situation and maybe she would have find some solution to make it easier for you. However, you can ask her to refrain from touching you and giving you hugs because it makes you feel uncomfortable. If it doesn’t work and your feelings become so strong that it harms you, maybe you should think about the possibility to change for another tutor. It’s difficult to forget somebody when you see her/him several times a week.

Sabrina, AlterHeros