21 July 2006

Can you tell me more about bisexuals ?

hi … mine name is geraldine , i’m only 13 … i’m not sure that i’m a lesbian or whatever stuff i’m meant … i look at boys in school , they cute XD but , i look at gals too … don’t know why also! they look even cuter than guys .. annd i always wanted a second look … now … i think i’m crushing on this gal … i wanted to know more about her … but i’m not sure too ….could you tell me more about bisexual stuff PLS i’m cluless!

sabrina prégent

Hi Geraldine,

Bisexuality can fall everywhere between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality. It means a girl can be attracted (emotionally, sexually or by an aesthetic way) a little bit more to women than men, equally to both or she can be only sexually attracted to women and emotionally attracted to men. The possibilities are infinite, boundless; each bisexual person’s attractions are different. There are several bisexual people who say they are attracted by the person’s mind and not the sex; so they don’t care if it’s a men or a women as long as the person attracts them.

There are several prejudices about bisexuality. Some people think bisexuality isn’t a sexual orientation; they think it’s an adaptation phase between heterosexuality and homosexuality. It’s false because there are a lot of bisexual people that will identify themselves as bisexual all their life. There are also some people who identified themselves as homosexual during several years and then, they come out as bisexual. However, a bisexual is still bisexual even if he/she is in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex or with someone of the same sex; it’s normal. A lot of bisexual people fall in love with someone of the opposite sex, then with someone of the same sex (or the opposite, vice- versa). Even if a bisexual stay with someone of the same sex (or the opposite) during 15 years, he/she stays a bisexual person if she is still attracted by men and women.

Some people think bisexuals cannot have serious relationship or they can’t have only one lover. It’s also false; bisexual people are like any person. Some of them are monogamous, some of them are polygamous, like heterosexuals or homosexuals. Sexual orientation don’t come with other sexual preferences or pratices; it’s not every bisexual person who are interested by group sex. Sexual lifestyle depends of the person’s preferences and fantasies, not of the sexual orientation!

If you want more information, you can visit those internet sites. They are full of interesting information.

* www.answers.com/topic/bisexuality

* www.ncf.carleton.ca/freeport/sigs/life/gay/bi/menu

* www.biunity.org/biinfo.htm (there are also internet bi groups on this site)

I hope the information and sites I gave you will help you. If you have other questions or if you want to make some comments about this message, you can write again to AlterHeros and it will be a pleasure for us to answer you.

Sabrina, AlterHeros