I'm not gay, but I have feelings for a person of the same gender as me. I've been inserting those feelings in my draydreams, does anyone understand ...

My boyfriend rubbed his penis on my vulva during my medium fertile phase. If there is a chance of becoming pregnant, what should I do?

I got wet on my girlfriend's pants while wearing boxers. Can she be pregnant?

My boyfriend is bisexual and wants to be open with his sexuality and I am struggling with the thought of sharing him with other people...

My boyfriend used to rub his penis on my vagina in September and I've been having my period afterwards. Can I still get pregnant?

Is it possible to get pregnant if my boyfriend's penis touched my vulva while he wore boxers and joggers and I was naked?

I've noticed that my teacher is staring at me and is giving me a lot of attention. I have a crush on him and I like the attention, but my friend is ...

I'm wondering if I'm really a lesbian or if I'm bi. Do lesbians see that a guy is kinda hot, but don't really want to do anything about it?

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