29 March 2006

Whats happening with me ?

Okay, this is a toughie, but it is tearing me apart. I’m a guy who recently broke up with a girlfriend of four years which was very sexual, and I really enjoyed it. However, I was always be aware of a side of me that enjoyed crossdressing. I never really explored it. It came and went. Now I am starting a new relationship with a girl, but am finding it very difficult sexually, maybe because of lack of confidence, I don’t know. However, the whole crossdressing and being with other crossdressers is turning me on alot right now ie performing oral. I don’t know if my ability to perform sexually is due to a shift in my sexual orientation (pratically during one month?). I don’t find guys attractive at all – could never imagine falling in love with a guy, but the whole penis thing does turn me on. When I do have sex with my new girlrfriend, it is amazing, but I am having trouble staying hard enough to put on a condom, so it doesn’t always happen. Is it a confidence thing, or am I turning?

sabrina prégent

Hi Roy,

It is difficult to answer to your question but I will try to enumerate several possibilities to help you find your answer. You will then have to think about your preferences, your relationship with your girlfriend, your self-confidence, your fantasies, your feelings,… and clarify your thoughts so you will be able to find an answer. Sure, it can take some time but I am sure it worth it.

In your message, you wrote you’d always be aware of your interest about crossdressing but you’d never explore it. Now that you starting a new relationship, you sexually think more about be crossdressed and be with other crossdressers. You always wrote that you dont feel comfortable in your sexlife with your new girlfriend. So, maybe crossdressing come at your mind more often because you live difficulties with your sexuality. You feel more excited because you dont feel sexually satisfied and it makes a opportunity for you to explore your part of you who enjoy crossdressing. However, it doesn’t mean that you just have to be satisfied of your present sexlife to stop thinking about it. In other hand, you are maybe not comfortable in your sexuality with your new girlfriend because you don’t live your crossdressing desires.


Sabrina, AlterHeros