1 April 2003

I get excited and repulsed by some sexual thoughts

I love looking at nude guys. I am turned on by looking at handsome nude guys on the net, films or just reading a love scene in a novel. The thought of lying in bed with them excites me, but I feel revulsion on the thought of sucking or sex with a man. Is that normal?

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

Hello Naru!

First of all, congratulations for asking the question.  Asking questions is the best way to better understand yourself.

It is possible that you may be turned on by caressing men but that other behaviours repel you.  It is completely normal to prefer certain things and not others.  The bottom line is that you must respect yourself and do not do things that you do not want to do. If you have a sexual relationship with another man (and with anyone else), you have the right to set your own limits and to express what you want to do or not.

Certain people do not like certain types of behaviours and never succeed at experimenting them.  As I said, it’s normal, and the most important thing is to respect yourself because doing things that you do not like or those that repel you make sexual relations unpleasing, which is not desirable. After all, sexuality is an experience that should be fun, and must be fun.

Good luck!

Team AlterHéros