6 July 2005

How to tell a friend that I like her without scaring her off?

Hi, I am a 15 female, I have had relationships with girls before and guys too, but I prefer girls. How do I tell a close friend that I like her without scaring her off ?


Hi Kacey,

Wow. This is a tough one. Since it’s pretty hard to guess how someone is going to react, I’ve noticed that some people test the waters before they get into the really personal stuff. How close are you with this person? Can you talk to her about sexuality? One way to start the ball rolling might be to check out how comfortable she is with bisexuality and homosexuality. You could ask her about something you saw on TV or read about to see how she reacts. That way you’d have an idea about where she’s at. There’s no way to know for sure how she’ll react unless you tell her how you feel, but you might want to see if it’s safe for you, before you share your secret.