Elizabeth Parenteau

About Elizabeth Parenteau

Elizabeth Parenteau (she/her) is a sexologist who works in Public Health. She works to pursue and create inclusive projects and spaces for people of diverse sexual and gender identities. Her approach challenges the broader systems of oppression of white supremacy, homophobia and transphobia, classism, ableism, sexism and heterocisnormativity that cause widespread discrimination and suffering within our societies.

I’m starting to like men but I still like women, ...

Since i was 9, i watched a muscle video and my "thing" auto grown, since then i fapped on muscular men on websites, and then i realized i was like being gay. i have more girl friends than boys, because girls were friendly in our school. and im starting to like men but still have liking to women, how can i be straight?

Late period

Ok so this is going to be TMI, apologizes in advance. My boyfriend and I had protected sex early November. Since then I've had two normal periods (heavy flow, horrible cramps the works). But as of now my period is 15 days late! I've taken three AHPT all have come back negative. I know stress can throw off your cycle, and with a new job I've been pretty darn stressed,and I know there's probably a very slim chance I'm pregnant. But what's going on? My period used to be super irregular but the past year it's been fairly regular.

Is my teacher attracted to me?

Does my teacher like me or hate me ?lesbian? I'm a girl with short boyish hair but cute lol So there is that girl (my teacher) more like she is just teaching me an extra linguistics class She is still a student around my age (I'm 20) and she has also short hair like a Korean male hair cut?? so basically this corse was only one semester, she has treated me waaay different and when I told my friends they clearly told me that she is falling for me but I really don't get it .. read this and tell me does she hate or like me 1- I'm the only girl she remember her name. 2- she doesn't look at me directly or direct any orders or questions to me (avoid me) 3-but when I get too quite she suddenly says what about you ? She suddenly as me about my opinion when her and the other girls suddenly chat.. 4- she calls my name a lot 5-she knows my number "saved it" 6-I thought she hated me because she doesn't talk to me nor look at me while giving instructions to other girls she panics when I'm there..