Muscular attraction

When i was 2-4, i saw an episode of goku and saw a muscle transformation, “it” automaticly grown and felt relaxing, so i searched more muscle transformations or muscle anime then i learn how to masturbate. Since then i cant control myself and even masturbate when i imagine MYSELF muscular, but i know i am not gay, just help me remove this.

Hi John,
Thank you for taking the time to write to AlterHeros. If I understand correctly, you are asking yourself how you can get rid of some of your thoughts towards your attraction towards muscles.
To clarify a few things, I have a few questions for you. In your message, you mention that you not gay that you want to change your current masturbation routine. So if I understand correctly, you would like to learn how to control your desire to masturbate and specifically towards your muscular attraction. First, I’d like to clarify that is it completely normal to masturbate to something that you are attracted to. I’ll do my best to help you understand your desires and how to be comfortable with what you want to achieve. You would like for your focus not to be simply on muscular characteristics. Are you attracted to any other characteristics in people, other physical traits, humorous or intelligence? Do you think you could try to focus on other attractions that you might have? Maybe you can try to focus on these characteristics instead and see if you are more comfortable with those thoughts while masturbating. It is really important to respect yourself in your reflection towards your attraction and your sexual desire.
I hope this will help your situation and your questioning.
We thank you for your trust and please don’t hesitate to send us a message if you feel the need to!
Elizabeth, for AlterHéros

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