15 October 2017

I have a crush on one of my lecturers and I want him to like me back !

Elizabeth Parenteau
hello please can you offer me a piece of advice. I am a 24 year old lady, a masters student. I have a crush on one of my lecturers. he kinda kept glancing at me at first so I started having feelings. he compliments me via email and he might end up been my project supervisor. I want him to like me back. do you think he does?
Thank you

Hi Safina,
Thank you for taking the time to write to Alterheros. If I understand correctly, you are asking yourself if your lecturer is attracted to you. The situation is confusing and you would like to make sense of everything.
To clarify a few things, I have a few questions for you. In your message, you only mention your teacher’s actions and not how you feel about it. As much as I would like to help you figure out if your lecturer likes you, it’s also important to position yourself on how you feel about these interactions. You can find someone attractive without wanting to pursue something more than the attraction. The most important is that you are confortable with your own thoughts and actions. It is really important to respect yourself in your reflection. Your wellbeing is the priority. Would you be able to talk about it with someone close to you? Would you be able to address this directly with your lecturer to see how he feels about your perception? Knowing that you currently have professional interactions with your lecturer, it is important to really think about the conflict of interest this might cause if he becomes your project supervisor. Having to work professionally with someone you like can be difficult and I think it would be important for you to have this initial conversation with your lecturer to see where he stands. If you and your lecture both like each other, it might be important to verify with your school if you could have a different project supervisor to support you during your Masters.
You can also communicate on our forums with the members, and I’m sure it would be a pleasure for them to support and guide you. It is really important to respect yourself in your reflection towards your attraction and your studies.
I hope this will help your situation and your questioning.
We thank you for your trust and please don’t hesitate to send us a message if you feel the need to!
Elizabeth, for AlterHéros