Can I change the fact that I am feeling more ...

I think I am transgendered but, don't want to believe my marriage and life has been a lie. My question is this...How can you change what you feel on the inside? How can you avoid what feels like an inevitable sex change? I love my wife and family very much but, I have the strongest feminine desires I have ever had. I feel like I am not supposed to be a man. I feel more feminine than masculine. How can you change that? I am on the verge of losing my wife of almost 8 years because I don't know how to deal with these feelings. I try to run from it but, somehow it always catches up with me. I want to know that I can beat this. I have been told that whether I want or not I will eventually become female.

Am I really bisexual or is it just sex ?

I am a 14 year old male. I have liked girls all of my life. I first came across homosexuality when I was around 11. One of my friends would joke about being gay. He would do little things with me and I wanted to do more, but I didn't think I was gay. I have done things (not intercourse) with 2 boys since then and neither of them are gay. Now I am really confused because I like this gay guy, but not in the way I like girls. At first, I hated how he had a poofy voice (going along with everyone elses opinion about gay people). But I didn't bully him about it or anything. Then, after telling him that I thought another gay guy liked him, he said, "Just because you're jealous I have a boyfriend." Ever since then, I have had feelings for him that I don't really want to have. When I think about hot girls, I think about sex. When I think about hot guys, I think about sex. But when I think about girls I really like, I think about relationships. Am I really bisexual or just desperate for sex? Thanks

Can I tell my teacher about my feelings for her?

Hi, my name is Anna and I'm 18 years old, just about to graduate out of high-school. Like many teens, I have had a sustained crush on my teacher, problem is, she's female. After graduating, I want to tell her how I feel, to get it off my chest and all. I can't stop thinking about her, and I want to let her know. Would this be unwise? What should I do?

I am wondering for my son…

My son, 17, who lives with his father, ex military in Georgia, just called me the other day and told me that not only is he gay, but he wants to start hormone treatment for transexual surgery. He also got himself a job under the pretense of being a girl. He dresses in female clothing only. He lies about his gender. He tells others he is a girl. He decided to drop out of school and wanting to go to Beauty School upon completion of his GED. He wants to move back down to Florida near me to live his lifestyle. I love my son regardless of his orientation, he is my child no matter what. However, I am not sure how to deal with this situation and how to give him the best support. Where I live, gay lifestyle is not very acceptable. Especially, when blatantly flaunted. I am worried about his safety when encountering others who rather bash gay lifestyle. My fiance already said, that he accepts and loves Alex regardless, but he will not tolerate blatant gay behavior in our house. His father although very nice to him can't wait for Alex to move out his house. Alex's brother seems very nice, too, as well as his step sister. His step brother is the typical jerk who enjoys cutting Alex down and drown him with humiliation and insults. Please give me advice on how to best support him. Thank you Lexi

Am I gay or bisexual?

Lately I've been having some insecurity issues about my sexuality. I cannot determine if I'm Gay or Bisexual, mostly I'm attracted to guys, I notice them more and are more drawn to them, but I'm still sort of attracted to girls, I've had experience with both and I like guys more, but I still can't seem to tell if I'm Bi or Gay. Please help me !