11 October 2005

I need help, I think I am transsexual

I think I am bisexual also i think im transsexual, i had sex with many girls but want to expirement with guy. i wear womens thons, nail polish, fake nails, earings and i am in love with high heel. I feel right i even thought about want all womens body parts. HELP!!!!!!!!


Hello Andy,

Thank you for writing to Alterhéros. You had a couple of different questions in your email. First of all, you were wondering whether you are bisexual. That is really a question that only yourself can answer, and in time you will figure out what fits for you. Some people who identity as bisexual are equally attracted to men or women, whereas others are more attracted to one gender than the other. And it is perfectly normal for people in adolescence or early adulthood to question their sexuality. It may just take a bit of time for your thoughts and feelings to become clearer.

Also, you were wondering whether you might be transexual. Here’s a video with few questions that might help you to explore your gender identity.

I hope this information is helpful.

Best regards,