#sexual orientation
15 September 2005

Am I gay or bisexual?

Lately I’ve been having some insecurity issues about my sexuality. I cannot determine if I’m Gay or Bisexual, mostly I’m attracted to guys, I notice them more and are more drawn to them, but I’m still sort of attracted to girls, I’ve had experience with both and I like guys more, but I still can’t seem to tell if I’m Bi or Gay. Please help me !


Hi K,

It is perfectly normal to experience uncertainty about your sexual orientation, and that’s completely OK. In time you will come to sort things out and adopt a sexual orientation that fits for you — it just may take a while. And even within various sexual orientation ‘labels’ there is room for a range of experiences. For example, some people who identify as bisexual are equally physically and emotionally attracted to people of either sex, whereas other people who identify as bisexual tend to be attracted more to one gender than the other. Remember that sexual orientation is fluid and changing constantly.

Thanks for writing in, and please write back if you have any more questions or concerns.