sara rahmani

I have strong feelings for an older man ?

I have strong feelings for an older man? Lately I've been having these strong feelings for one of the teachers who work in my school. I never felt this way towards a teacher. It might sound weird but he gives me these looks and its obvious that he checks me out. But im not sure if i should say anything to him on how i feel. im a sophomore in high school and he has to be 25 years my senior. i know its wrong, but i do want to pursue a relationship. i always go to the gym [where he teaches] just to see him and he always looks at me and smiles. One time i was with my friend and he was looking at me and we were having a conversation then he called me beautiful. Theres something that attracts me to him maybe its his eyes or it could be something else. but im not sure. but could you please tell me what should i do.

What does those attractions means ?

i have been married for 8 yrs now. to a man. i have always had boyfriends. i have always thought some women were more attractive than others. im very particular with women because i know how we are. ive never found a female whom ive clicked with except until recently. there is this woman who is just like me. same mannerisms,likes,dislikes. even my son likes her. besides me she is the only one whom he is very comfortable around. she and i get along well.ive never gotten along ever with another woman the way i have with her. im wondering does this mean im a lesbian? should i tell her? my husband and i are not intimate. im wondering could that be why im so into this woman. i think of her. not so much sexually;however, that has crossed my mind,but i dont think i would ever act on it. its stimulating and uncommon to actually talk to or be around someone who has so much in common and be a woman.does that mean im a lesbian?should i tell her?help.what does this all mean?

I am very stressed about my attractions

Hi, I've always been sexually and emotionally attracted to females. Except for a couple of instances (eg. watching movies) I haven't until recently felt sexually attracted to a guy...but now it seems like it's happening all the time. However, it is only really sexy and attractive guys. I've also lately been turned on by my own body, and I'm worried that is a bad thing. I haven't been with a woman for quite a while, and I think maybe I'm just getting really horny.....? I would like to experiment with a guy, but I wouldn't know how to go about it. It's all very stressing. Thanks for your help.