30 mai 2006

Is it wrong to have sex at 16 years old ?

Hi, my question is : I am sixteen years old, is it wrong to have sex at my age?

sara rahmani

Hi Catherine

Thanks for writting to AlterHeros.

I understand that you are 16 years-old and are curious if it is wrong for you, at your age, to have sex. I think it is best that you first break the connection between age and maturity. Remember that maturity does not always come with a number attached to it. Determining your readiness to take on the emotional and physical responsibilities of having sex is not neccessarily related to how old you are but how mature you are. Reaching a state of full emotional and physical readiness for sex is a very personal thing. Everyone matures at a different pace and no two people mature in the same way. Do you feel responsible enough to deal with all the emotional and physical changes that may come with sex? Do you trust your partner to respect your physical and emotional health? Do you trust yourself to be able to take all the neccessary precautions against STD’s and/or pregnancy? These are some of the questions you should consider when determining whether or not you are ready for sex. And know that there are no easy answers. Deciding whether or not to have sex is a very personal decision that no one can make for you. Do not feel pressured or rushed to come to any conclusions. Feel free to do as much soul searching as you wish and be confident in whatever choice you do make. Be confident in knowing that your informed desicion is the best desicion for you.