2 juin 2009

I'm Pakistani and Gay - I need help!

plz help me I’m gay boy i want gay marriage I’m pakistani but i don’t like pakistani people plzzzzzz help me can I’m real gay help help help

Hillary Greer

Hi M. Nasir,

It’s hard when the community that you live in doesn’t accept you for who you are and doesn’t treat you with full equality. This is something that minorities of all kinds (not just homosexual people) around the world face on a daily basis. From what I can tell by your question: you are from Pakistan, you are gay, you want to get married in Pakistan, but you live in Quebec. And you do not like Pakistani people.

As I am sure you know, gay marriage is illegal in Pakistan with gay rights being practically non-existent and homosexuality being punishable by law. Assuming I understand correctly, you live in Quebec now where homosexuality and gay marriages are completely legal and less taboo. I’m confused about what would be stopping you from getting married here in Quebec. If what you want is to get married in your home country, then you have a long fight ahead of you. I think it is wonderful if you want to start advocating for same-sex marriage in Pakistan, but you will probably need a lot of patience. If what you want is to meet a man and have a boyfriend, there is no magical way to make this happen, all you can do is be yourself and get involved in activities that interest you.

Here are some resources for you to look at regarding gay rights issues in general:




Here are some links to info about gay life in Pakistan:







Good luck Nasir! I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Hillary, for Alterheros.