13 October 2007

What is the cause of homosexuality?

I was just interested to know “what is the reason that there are gay people, and it seems to be getting seemingly more common in the population.” I am a gay guy myself and I have always wondered that question. For something so common these days it is weird not to have any truthful matter to the fact of what brings one to be a homosexual. Thanks.
Tazz Kazz

François Paquette

Hi Tazz Kazz!

Thanks for your question. Obviously, it has always interested a lot of people to know how many people in the population are gay, bisexual or straight, and the causes of homosexuality.

For the number of gay people in the population, it is true that the number of people who declare themselves gay in surveys are higher than a decade or two ago. People are now less shy to talk about it then in the past, when they could have been afraid of telling publicly that there were gay.

Also, whatever some people will say, I think that homosexuality is seen in every culture, at every time of history. Some repressive times just hid it better…

And for the origins of homosexuality… in my opinion no theory to date has brought any proof of what makes someone homosexual or bisexual. It could be a mix of biological and psychological aspects…

Are people born gay, bisexual or straight?
Do we develop our sexual orientation in our youth?
Can there ever be one single theory that will explain all of this? Maybe there is infinity of reasons – because each person is different and has his or her own experiences in life… So if someone ever finds the perfect theory, I’ll be glad to hear it!

François, for AlterHeros