26 April 2005

Pain and mastubation

Hi! I am a young man of 28 years old and I haven’t any experience with girls. I am handsome but I feel that I couldn’t make a relation with girls. I am very hardworking in the faculty and I teach in the university but I am little shy. I masturbate many times everyday and my penis pains me. I need your help and advice to get rid of this habit and to keep my sexual health because I am still single. Thank you! – Baseel


Hi Baseel,

Thanks for sending us your email; it raises a lot of questions, and I hope I can offer some insight and answers for you.

While I cannot offer a firm answer on why you are unable to hook up with a partner (of whatever gender), I think there are a few things to think about, which might help you figure it out for you. What’s stopping you from connecting with people you are attracted to? Are you able to start a conversation with someone you are interested in? Do you put too much pressure on potential connections/relationships?

As for the masturbation, having to find release so many times in a day that it causes you pain is not good. There are a few things you can do to alleviate the pain. First of all, you can use a lubricant on your hands and/or penis while masturbating. This will make your hand slide more easily, and your penis’ skin won’t become chafed or sore. If the skin is already sore, you probably want to use a lubricant that’s gentle on skin, and won’t cause additional pain. If you cannot find lubes, some other products you could try include coconut oil, moisturizers that are for sensitive skin, or olive oil.

Good luck,