3 January 2006

(Testimony) Now, I accept my bisexuality

I am 15 years old and im a sophmore in highschool, last year during my freshmen year of highschool, i started to develope and attraction towards girls,but im also attracted to boys,the thought of being attracted to girls scared me, and i really started to wonder if it was a phase,or if i was bi-curious or even bisexual, i was really confused about my sexuality, i was really confused in my early stages of coming to terms with my bisexuality,it took me some time to realize i was bisexual an i was attracted to both sexes; accepting my new label as a bisexual was hard cause i had lived for a long time labled as straight and i was affaid to accept my new label as a bisexual, accepting my new label as a bisexual was very hard ,cause i had made a swich in my lifestyle from staight to bisexual. overtime i accepted my attractions towards boys and girls and i also acceppted my new label as bisexual,it was confusing at first but ive grown to like it.

sabrina prégent

Hello Chrissie,

It’s really pleasant for us to read your account during Christmas time and your story can be a hopeful message for other teens who are questionning themselves about their sexual orientation. At the beginning, it can be very difficult to think we can be really happy and confident one day when you are confused about your sexuality. You are showing to others that it is possible!

It doesn’t mean this life time isn’t difficult, sure it is! In other hand, this hard and destabilizing moment ends and life is becomming beautiful and enjoyable again! Happy new year to Chrissie and to other people who are reading this message,