1 February 2006

Does my good friend has a secret crush on me ?

Hey I just was wondering if my good friend has a secret crush on me?Her name is jessica.She always calls me and wants to stay on the phone for hours.She always askes if she can come to my house when my parents arent home.Whenever she spends the night she always sleeps close to me in my bed.She gets upset when I talk about boys I like and she gets mad at me.Jessica always likes to spend time with me when were alone she always finds a reason to touch me.She always stares at me smiles and She gets upset if she cant come over my house.She always talks about her breast and vagina in nasty ways to me.Ive been friends with her for 3 years and I just dont know what should I do thanks.


Hi Mariah,

From what you describe I certainly cannot tell you if your friend has a crush on you, but she does seem to be behaving in some inappropriate ways and may just be very possessive. My advice to you is to tell her what makes you uncomfortable. If you’re up to the task, I would even go so far as to ask her outright if she is attracted to you. I know this may not be easy for you, but being open and honest is the way to go if you’re going to remain friends. Good luck.