Tamara Ginn

I’ve never had a crush… am I a lesbian?

I don't think I've ever had a crush. When I look at guys I really don't feel anything and when I look at girls I do notice if they're attractive or whatever. I mean I can tell when boys are attractive and stuff but I've never been attracted to one. With my friend we do nose kisses and then I can't stop thinking about kissing or how we could kiss right then. Does that mean I'm lesbian. My stomach fluttered a little when she held my hand. My mom was talking about being lesbian but the way she was saying stuff made me feel like she thought I was lesbian. Am I just thinking I'm lesbian because my mom thinks I am? I just really need some help figuring out all of my confusing feelings.

Am I a lesbian?

I've never had a crush on a guy or a girl but I've found myself more attracted to girls. Does that mean I'm lesbian. I really only see guys as my friends.

I’m unable to reach orgasm… what should I do?

Hey! First of all this is a super website and i'd like to thank you for making it accessible to all. My question is pretty embarrassing but i don't have anyone else to ask to and i'm kind of worried. Since ever i started masturbating a few years ago, i always used the shower head on my clitoris to reach an orgasm because i didn't have to directly touch my private parts or else i would be really uncomfortable. But the problem is that now whenever i feel a bit better and i try to only stroke my clitoris that got to 1 inch after my last growth spurt, it turns me on but only very slightly and i clearly can't reach orgasm. I have a high sex drive so this is frustrating. I'm worried that when I finally get to take testosterone to help with my transition, my clitoris will grow but my sexual desires and sensations won't change and i'll never be able to get an orgasm just by touching myself. Do you think I should be worried and go see a doctor? Thanks a lot!

What do I do about these fantasies, about this attraction? ...

I started having gay feelings when I was 15 and it remained my main sexual orientation despite of having feelings for women from time to time. i have never had a coming out and only few erotic encounters with both women and men but i have never been in a relationship so far. i have two questions that worry me deeply: I have fantasies about having sex with my own father from time to time, nrief fantasies about him nacked that kind of arouse me - which worries me because i think i might have dangerous problems. second i discovered that young boys (8-12) attract me - i never had these feelings until 6 or 7 weeks ago and i don't know what exactly this attraction is and means - it worries me as well. i want to live and love without fear - should i be worried?