I have a crush on my teacher, what should I do?

Hello,I have a crush on my teacher,what should i do about it?Does she know I have a crush on her?Does she like me back,if so how can I tell.This is more than a like,if you know what i mean.
Hi Niceboy,
Thank you for trusting AlterHeros with your question. You have a crush on your teacher and you don’t know what to do about it. I understand that with regular contact between two people, such as your teacher and yourself, you develop feelings for the other person and you might want to develop a relationship with them too. And though this might be reciprocal, it is expressly forbidden to have a teacher/student relationship. The reason for this regulation is simply that teachers are in a position of authority and that authority would lead to a unbalanced relationship.
It’s possible that your teacher knows that you have a crush on her. If she doesn’t, I don’t recommend telling her. It could lead to either discomfort from her part, or something that would not be beneficial for the both of you. So as difficult as it may be, I strongly suggest you try and work through your feelings, whether on you’re own or with professional help (such as a psychologist, a sexologist or a social worker). The professional help I’m suggesting is only so you have someone to talk to, to trust to keep what you say confidential, between the two of you. Having friends around you will also help in dealing with the conflictual emotions of wanting to see your teacher in a private setting and knowing that you can’t.
If you’d like, you can always go look at other answers concerning teacher/student relationships. Ultimately, they express the same things.
I understand how difficult it may be to go through this. If you have other questions though, please don’t hesitate to write again.

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