I’m unable to reach orgasm… what should I do?

First of all this is a super website and i’d like to thank you for making it accessible to all.
My question is pretty embarrassing but i don’t have anyone else to ask to and i’m kind of worried.
Since ever i started masturbating a few years ago, i always used the shower head on my clitoris to reach an orgasm because i didn’t have to directly touch my private parts or else i would be really uncomfortable.
But the problem is that now whenever i feel a bit better and i try to only stroke my clitoris that got to 1 inch after my last growth spurt, it turns me on but only very slightly and i clearly can’t reach orgasm. I have a high sex drive so this is frustrating.
I’m worried that when I finally get to take testosterone to help with my transition, my clitoris will grow but my sexual desires and sensations won’t change and i’ll never be able to get an orgasm just by touching myself.
Do you think I should be worried and go see a doctor?
Thanks a lot!
Hi Tom,
I’d like to thank you on behalf of AlterHeros for your compliment. It’s always appreciated when we get positive feedback. Also, thank you for trusting us with your question. We’ll do our best to answer you as completely as possible. Let’s see together how we can help you. You’ve already obtained orgasm by clitoral stimulation but since your last growth spurt, it’s been failed attempts. You’re worried that it will stay this way after you’ve started taking testosterone and you’re not sure what to do about.
You say that you were stimulating your clitoris using the shower head but that lately, you’ve been trying to stimulate it on your own, by stroking and that you’ve been unable to reach orgasm that way. It’s possible that your body has become accustomed to a stronger stimulation, that of the shower head and that it will take time and effort to get your body to become used to a softer stimulation. That being said, have you attempted a stronger stimulation, such as using the shower head, since your last growth spurt? If not, I suggest you try, but slowly mix in softer stimulation over the course of weeks, if necessary months. That way, you’re body gets both types of stimulation and after a while may be able to reach orgasm only by stroking. If you have tried it and its not working, then yes, I would suggest you speak with a doctor, one who is intimately familiar with the process of transition, the effects of the hormones on the body (in this case the effects of testosterone on your body). Unfortunately, my research didn’t show up much. I suggest you not worry too much about it, but enough to get in contact with a doctor from your region and discuss amply with them as to what you’re living.
I’m sorry if I couldn’t answer your question more completely. If there’s anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

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