Lorin Young

My friend touches and kisses me, is he joking around ...

i have become very good friends with my friend who i started to hang around a lot with in September, and we have got very close, i have fallen for him deeply and cant stand it when i'm without him, i want to know if he is gay/bi though, he always jokes around saying "i love you" and you're "sexy" and stuff. i know it sounds stupid but sometimes it seems like he actually means it, he touches me and has even kissed me a few times. i have also kissed him a few times and he hasn't cared!, he's at my house every day. nearly all day!. he always sleeps at my house too when he can. i cuddle him like holding him in my arms and he doesn't care either. He also put his hands down my trousers once and rubbed.. he didn't say he was joking afterwards. He has done this a few times. ahh. i like him soooo much but i don't know if to ask him if hes gay/bi... i don't know how he will react or ruin our friendship. :( . but would a straight person do all that though?? but I mean he does this most days, please help me..

Should I come out as a bisexual?

There's something which is bothering me. A lot of mates ask me or talk to me about their boyfriends and girlfriends. Would it be a good choice to tell everyone? I have no problems with who I am but my mother often tells me I do not have to talk about it with a lot of people. I just want to be me, not to lie even if it is to a question of someone I am not close with. You see, for me bisexuality or homosexuality is not a problem but when I think at the opinions of others about it, I think to myself that maybe I am doing something wrong. It passed quickly but I am still wondering if saying it just to mates that I am bisexual is a good idea? Because you know people can be mean in college so I do not know what to do... I am really tempted not to hide at all but I am not sure what to do.

Is beauty important to get involved in a serious relationship?

Hello, I'm a gay guy from Tunisia who wants to have a serious boyfriend. Some people have said that I am cute, but others doubt it. I'm confused: Am I ugly or am I beautiful? Every time I'm going to meet a guy I get so worried and nervous. I imagine that he's rejecting me because of my image. When I see cute guys I envy them. Sometimes I feel ok and beautiful but most of time I don't. Is beauty so important to get a boyfriend? And how could I fight my doubts? Please help me – I'm about to lose my mind!

Is it normal to be attracted to older women?

I have been single all my life and I have only had sex with two women. My first was with an older woman; she was 60 and I was 28. That was 22 years ago. My second was with a woman my age. That was 13 years ago. I felt relaxed and content with the older woman. Do I have a problem because I prefer older women? I do fantasize about going to bed with older women and performing 69s and being breastfed.

I have clear white liquid coming from my vagina, and ...

I'm a 36 year old married woman. Last month I did not have my monthly period, due to the tension related to my father-in-law's death, but later it came when I took medicine from a doctor. After one week of my period, a clear white liquid has been flowing slowly from my vagina. What is it? It's happening when I don't think or feel anything sexual. Can you give me some advice?

Does my friend have feelings for me?

I have a friend who is 24 and I am 34. We talk about everything and we argue every week because no one has really stated how they feel about each other. He has asked if he moved in with me, would I put him out and tells me he loves me all the time. Our feelings are stronger than those purely based on friendship and yet he still has baggage and feelings for one of his exes. He doesn't like me to be involved in this situation. I have been there for him on his good days and his bad days, yet we haven't moved any further; so I broke it off with him. However, he won't leave and keeps coming back. We never kissed or had sex but he talks more of the future than before. What is going on now, am I being impatient or is this just a game?

I think I may be in love with my teacher, ...

I'm 15 and from the UK, where I'm in year 10. Since coming to high school, I've been very unhappy because I'm shy and have difficulty making friends, but last year I realized that I had feelings for my teacher. Since then, more than a year has passed, he still teaches me, and although I've tried to control my feelings, they've deepened into something more like love: I feel so nervous when I'm around him - I go all shaky, my heart pounds, my breathing becomes shallow, and recently, I've been feeling anxious and paranoid because of him. I think I am suffering from depression, as I feel like crying all the time and have suicidal thoughts daily. I feel like I'm on my way to a mental breakdown because I have no one to talk to about any of this. I've tried to forget about my teacher, but I can't; it is not a "crush", and I really need advice on what to do because my GCSEs are on the line, as well as my mental health. Please can you help me?