22 May 2008

I have white liquid coming out of my vagina along with my period

On the second day of my period I found white liquid coming along with the blood. This is the first time I have this. Is this normal or do I have a problem? Please help me. I am afraid.

Lorin Young

Hi Janani,

Thank you for your question. More likely than not, there is no reason to be afraid. Clear or white vaginal secretions (liquid or discharge) are generally normal. The secretions are slightly acidic mucous-like material that are produced to keep the vaginal canal clean of dead cells and bacteria. When a woman has her period, the secretions may be more noticeable, as they are being discharged at the same time as the red liquid (blood) is being discharged.

Another possibility is that this is a Candida infection (yeast infection). These are very common infections and are easily treated with anti-fungal medications. With a yeast infection, the vaginal area may be reddened and itchy, as well as having patchy white discharge. However, there may only be an increase in discharge, though it is often creamier and thicker in consistency.

During pregnancy, vaginal discharge increases. However, if your period came on time and has lasted for its normal length of time, it is less likely that you are pregnant, though not impossible, as bleeding can occur with pregnancy.

Normal discharge does not smell or cause any irritation of the vaginal area. If your discharge smells fishy or foul, is itchy, greenish, has blood in it (once your period finishes), or if you have any vaginal sores or ulcers, than you should see your doctor to rule-out the presence of an infection. As well, if you find that sex is painful or if you have had unprotected sex (without a condom) with someone who may have a sexually transmitted infection (STI), than you should see your doctor.

Bacterial vaginosis generally causes a fishy smell and an increase in discharge. It is not an infection that you catch from a partner, but rather an imbalance in the bacteria that are present in your genitals. This is treated with an antibiotic.

Again, this is most likely to be normal vaginal discharge. However, if you have any of the symptoms listed above or if you remain concerned, you should see your doctor.

Good luck,

Lorin for AlterHeroes