25 May 2009

My friend touches and kisses me, is he joking around with me or is he straight?

i have become very good friends with my friend who i started to hang around a lot with in September, and we have got very close, i have fallen for him deeply and cant stand it when i’m without him, i want to know if he is gay/bi though, he always jokes around saying “i love you” and you’re “sexy” and stuff. i know it sounds stupid but sometimes it seems like he actually means it, he touches me and has even kissed me a few times. i have also kissed him a few times and he hasn’t cared!, he’s at my house every day. nearly all day!. he always sleeps at my house too when he can. i cuddle him like holding him in my arms and he doesn’t care either. He also put his hands down my trousers once and rubbed.. he didn’t say he was joking afterwards. He has done this a few times. ahh. i like him soooo much but i don’t know if to ask him if hes gay/bi… i don’t know how he will react or ruin our friendship. 🙁 . but would a straight person do all that though?? but I mean he does this most days, please help me..

Lorin Young

Hi Charlie – thank you for your question.

I would start by telling your friend your orientation. Is he aware that you are bisexual and, if yes, can you tell him that you like him as more than just friends? The way that he is acting certainly makes it sound as if he is interested. If he is not interested, then you both need to clarify it or you will continue in this state of confusion and this will likely make it harder on the relationship in the long term. I find honesty is the best policy and, if he is a true friend, he will stick by you regardless of how he feels about you intimately.

Take care and good luck.


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