Evelyn Kuang

About Evelyn Kuang

Evelyn holds a BA in Psychology, Sexual Diversity Studies, and Social Studies of Medicine. She also has work experience in Women’s Healthcare, and Sexual Healthcare Clinic. She was also an intern at a Alcohol and Substance Abuse Recovery program. In 2008, she was part of the organizers for Vagina Monologues College Campaign @ McGill.

I love counseling, education and debunking myths. I’m very passionate about sexual healthcare and seek to change the way we think, tolerate and perceive sexuality in all its facets.

How do I approach my sister about liking her best ...

question #1: hi, I'm in love with my sisters best friends little sister (magan), but my sister doesn't know I'm bi. me and my sister are really close and i want her to no how i feel but she hates the idea of gays and bis. what should i do,(my deepest fear is that she'll be grossed out by me and not be as close anymore) if i cant get her to understand, i don't think ill have the nerve to ask magan to go out with me publicly. and question #2: hi, i no u get this a lot but I'm really not sure what to do.. I'm bi and i really like my friend who is also bi (she knows I'm bi). here's the thing we were drinking with her friend and we ended up fooling around, like all three of us, but i want us to be more than just that, tho I'm not sure she wants that. how do i let her no? please help. to make things worse her big sister and mine are best friends and both of them don't no that we are bi, so it would be bad if we ended up going out.. wouldn't it? please help thanks <3

I’m a straight female but don’t like my femininity

I've always been confused about my gender... I'm a straight female, but I don't identify with being female at all. I never have, even when I was quite young. But the strange part is, I have a very strong attraction to masculine men, the same men I envy in every way due to their gender. I have a very feminine appearance, the large curves, the small frame, and I hate it. I hate how small and womanly I look. I don't relate or connect to other women on any level. They make me feel uncomfortable, just very out of place. The majority of my friends are male. I often feel like a gay man trapped in a woman's body and it bothers me to no end.

I dont’ know how to get a girlfriend

Hi I'm Bisexual and at this time in my life i hate the idea of going out with a guy. I want a girlfriend, but I don't know how to get one. I can't just go up to a girl and tell her i'm bi and ask if she is too. I need advice, I feel like I'll never be able to get a girlfriend. What do I do?

I don’t like calling myself a lesbian, and I want ...

What am I? I'm 23, female I have a girlfriend we have been together for 3 years that makes a lesbian right? but, i do not feel comfortable saying that i am a lesbian, i don't like when people points and says you're a lesbian because i don't really feel like a lesbian. It feels weird to say "i am a female" and i know for sure i don't want to be a man, people usually mistakes me for a boy but i have a big breast that makes me look like a woman, i would like to get chest surgery because I've always wanted to get rid of my boobs i don't like them at all. I love my vagina. I love, love women but I often have sexual dreams about men but i don't think i can be with one. I like the idea of looking like girlyboy or a boyishgirl but i don't know why I've always think that way i feel really confused i don't fit in,i don't like the idea of being a lesbian just because i was born a female and like females or being a FTM just because i want to get rid of my boobs and wanna look boyish, Please help meee!!

Am I attracted to my female friends or is my ...

Hi. Well first, every since i was about 10 people have said they think i am gay. I guess when people say something about you, you begin to believe it. I have several gay friends because i don't separate myself from them like others do. But i am beginning to feel attracted to a couple of my friends mainly my friend from school and my best friend since we were babies. But I'm not attracted to them sexually, its there personality that attracts me. I mean they both do have large female( boobs and butt) parts but that's not a reason. (My friend from school is bisexual and my best friend is straight). Does this mean I'm gay. I spent the day with my best friend just hanging out and i come home and fine myself 'wet', also what should I do? Please help me I'm stuck between a crossroad, and did i mention i am in a relationship with my boyfriend.

Is she unconsciously sending me a sign with her body ...

Hello, A complicated situation but to get to the point - I have a boyfriend of 2 years, however I have feelings for a girl in my class (I am a girl) I think she does give me some body language signals from what I have read up on in books she seems to do, for example unconsciously point at me with a body part from across the class and I see here staring directly at me for about 5 seconds sometimes with a wide smile other times just staring, (I try not to stare at her) however this could just be me interpreting this all wrong? On the way back from college, we speak on the bus and she doesn't say direct things that would insinuate she likes me too but she does smile a lot and look at my eyes and lips for longer than usual people would. I just don't know whether to tell her at the end of college in 3-4months time how I feel? Other than my boyfriend I don't fancy any other boys although I have had a crush or 2 on other girls but not as strong as I feel for this one girl Please help

I snooped in my boyfriend’s phone – is he cheating?

I did something I promised I would never do and looked at my boyfriend's phone. He had been exchanging texts with a man that lives about an hour away sexually detailed accounts of what they are going to do with one another when they meet again. He knows that I am a very sexually open woman so I'm shocked that he hasn't brought it up. We've discussed having an open relationship twice in the past and he said no way. I have suspected this for some time and I guess that's why I went into his phone. The question is, what now? How do I bring it up without breaking his trust by admitting to looking at his phone? I have no problem with him being bisexual though I do have a problem if he's cheating. Thank you all for your guidance. Jessica

i’m a guy in love with my lesbian best friend

I am a straight, 20 year old, male and I am madly in love with a lesbian. I met her my first year of college, and I was so certain, from the very moment she sat down in front of me in my math class, that she was the one for me. I was absolutely heart broken when I found out she was gay. Not that I had an issue with her orientation, rather because I knew there was very little chance she could ever have feelings for me. I knew it would be best to just let it drop then and there. Yet, despite all reason, nearly two years later I have found myself even more in love with her. She is now my best friend, we share everything except the feelings I have for her. She knows this, but it is tough for us to bring the topic up and discuss it in depth. I know for my, and our friendship's sake, it is best to move on. But my stubborn hear won't let me. I can't feel anything for anyone else, and I am at an absolute loss as to what I should do.

Do you think I’m a lesbian because of my boyfriend ...

Hi. I'm very confused at the moment. I have always known i am attracted to girls and boys. I have a boyfriend that i have been going out with on and off for four years. Sometimes we broke up because we keep fighting (as we don't have much in common) and the last time was because i stopped having sex with him as kept thinking of girls. We broke up and i had sex with girls and really loved it, but he couldn't stand being 'just friends' and said we cant see each other again if we don't get back together, so we did. Now its starting to happen again. I love him but sometimes i don't think I'm 'ín love' with him in that way.. I always think of girls when having sex (which most of the time i only do for him). Do you think i am lesbian? Thank you.

I was heart-broken by guys, now I like lesbian porn, ...

I am a girl of 22 years.i was straight til now.i had two boyfriends with whom i had some petting kinda sexual relationship.i was really in love but they broke my heart.Now i kinda of hate boys i thought it would change but i like lesbian porn.i want to change it.HOW?i need help.or how can i live