How can I tell my family and friends about being ...

I have been out as bisexual for over a year now, and I am perfectly comfortable with that. However, there's more to it that I haven't been completely honest about, I am transgendered, I have felt like a female since I was a child, I remember always feeling more inclined to tkae on the female role in everything rather than the male. I am pretty sure that within the next three years I will begin my transition, just as soon as I raise the money, but I just am so afraid to tell all my friends and especially my parents, everyone already accepts my bisexuality and has no problem with it, however I don't think they will be as open to my transsexuality. How do I tell my friends and partents that I am transgendered without losing them?

I often think about my friend, am I bisexual ?

I have never had a sexual experience with a female, i have with a male but i was very young and not ready. I have been attracted to other females and often had fantasies about being with one sexually. over the past years, i have found myself in situations where i grew crushes on my closest friends. In college,i would hang with the guys alot and have very few girlfriends because i felt more comfortable being around the guys. I recently found out my best friend from college who was also a guys girl and who i used to hang out with alot and spend most of my time with(just the two of us) is actually bisexual,she did not tell me i read it on her profile. ever since i cannot seem to stop thinking about her,and i have developed a crush on her. we used to touch and hugg alot without even being aware of it,and one day we were cuddling on the sofa holding hands while watching a movie.(with other ppl around) and they would call us lezboz as a joke. am i bisexual?

I want sex with guys, but to have a girlfriend. ...

I used to look at gay porn A LOT and i loved it. but i always would want a girlfriend and i would try to get one. i would get happy (and still do) when i thought of having one. i would only hook up with a guy, and thats it. i have rarely if ever thought about having a boyfriend. that grosses me out. so what does this mean?

Is it normal that i like girls but i don’t ...

Since i remember i been attracted to girls always want to be around them and not the guys. i had a boyfriend for about four years and i broke up with him cause i didnt like him anymore. my best friend was the only one i wanted to talk but she was married and with two kids. we fight as we were a couple. we both hide that we were lesbians till nine months ago that she open herself and told me that she was dating my other friend. my heart was broken for hiding the love towards her. now she lives with her girl and i still miss her sometimes. but i am confused as i go with my life i see and learn more about lesbians. like sex i dont like having sex. is it normal that i like girls but i dont want to have sex?

My husband is watching shemale pornography

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4-1/2 years and have a very open and healthy sexual relationship. He has anal sex with me (on occassion) and we have joked around about me doing it to him, but never have. I have used my finger and he enjoys that. Recently I found shemale pornography on his computer, I was very confused. Does this mean that he might be attracted to men? I did not see any male to male, only sheamale and heterosexual porn. He is 30 years old, would there have been signs before now if he was attracted to men? Madison