Is it normal that i like girls but i don’t want to have sex with them ?

Hi Silvia,

Thanks for writing to Alterheros. I think, a short answer to your question about whether it is normal to like women but not want to have sex, is, it depends. Maybe you could reflect a bit on why it is that you are not interested in sex? It may be that you just haven’t met the right person, or the opportunity hasn’t come up. I think if you are attracted to someone, and the feeling is mutual, then eventually it may become sexual. Of course there is also no rush in moving from attraction to a sexual relationship.

On the other hand, some people have very few sexual attraction. And, other people have no sexual attraction at all. That’s totally normal, and nothing to be ashamed of. We lived in a very sexual society, where sexuality has a big emphasis. But, each person has his or her level of sexual desire, that starts from zero to infinity…

I hope this helps, and you are welcome to write back again if you have other questions.

Best regards,

Andrea, Alterheros

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