I often think about my friend, am I bisexual ?

Dear Cerena,

Thanks for writing to Alterheros. It sounds like you are in the process of coming to some understanding as to what sexual orientation fits for you. A short answer to your question ‘Am I bisexual?’ is that only you can know the answer to that. It may take time to figure it all out. One thing to remember though, is that having a sexual experience with someone of the same or opposite sex doesn’t necessarily make you bisexual or straight or homosexual. It is the meaning you make of those experiences that will help you determine what your sexual orientation is. It is also important to remember that each sexual orientation, be it lesbian, bisexual or straight, is equally valid. One is not better than the other.

Your fantasies can be a good point to start : you say your have some about women… do you have about men ? Do you see yourself in a relationship with a girl ? With a guy ? How would be your perfect life ?? These are some questions that you can’t start with… but don’t forget you’re never oblige to define or to label yourself…

I hope this is helpful, and please write back again should you have more questions.



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