26 septembre 2010

I have a testosterone problem, how concerned should I be ?

I have always had gender dysphoria to a large extent and have many anomalies from VATER Association. I had my testosterone levels checked in June of 2009 (bioavailable…the better test) and on a scale of 47 – 244 I was at 77. I had it checked in June of this year and it had dropped down to 46. I was started on testosterone replacement therapy 8 weeks ago and I was tested yesterday and now I am down to 28. How concerned should I be? Does this indicate a problem with my pituitary gland?

François Paquette

Hi Gerald,

Thank you for writing to AlterHeros. You are saying that you have gender dysphoria and that your testosterone level is down. You are questioning if this is a problem.

It is difficult to answer your question because we are not specialists in health issues… I feel that only a doctor could give you a relevant answer.

But, you are mentioning that you have gender dysphoria… have you give any thoughts about reaching out to the transsexual community ? I don’t know in what city you live, but it could be a good option to seek out local help…

Good luck !

François, for AlterHeros.