21 mars 2009

Career over romantic relationships

Does it necessary to have a boy friend? I prefer to have a career first and then a successful partner.


Hi Tina,

It definitely is not necessary to have a boyfriend, now or later. Firstly, love will happen whether you plan it or not. Careers, you have to work hard at. So you go girl! Get your education-career and with it will come a whole new life filled with people and experiences that will add more than just a spasmodic flutter in your heart. There are many people that devote their time early in life to a serious relationship (boyfriend, husband, children), only to regret it later because they did not pursue their dream career.

Don`t worry about what other people think, when you meet someone who appreciates and loves you for who you are you can thank yourself for it!

Good luck with your career!

-M. for Alterheros