13 June 2007

When my finger was in her vagina, it became wet. What is it?

When I was hanging out with my girlfriend we were makeing out. I asked her if I could finger her and she said yes so i unbuttoned her pants and started fingering her. I kept going and moved down farther and it was wet I’m just wondering but did she cum or pee or something.

François Paquette

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your question. If I understand well, when you put your finger in the vagina of your girlfriend, she was wet and you are wondering what that is.

The vagina naturally produces a liquid meant to reduce friction during sexual intercourse. When a person with a vagina is sexually aroused, they can produce a certain quantity of that liquid. The quantity varies from a person to another. It can also vary in texture, color and odor. It is totally natural that if your girlfriend was excited by your movements, she produced a little bit of vaginal lubrification.

Furthermore, some people with vaginas can ejaculate a clear fluid from the urethra during orgasm. That type of ejaculation is mostly accomplished by stimulation of the G-spot but, more rarely, ejaculation can be accomplished through external stimulation of the clitoris. This fluid is not urine and the quantity can vary from several drops to a few millilitres.

Hoping this helps,

François and Sabrina, for AlterHeros