20 May 2002

Will My Queer Child Have a Family of Their Own?

Will My Queer Child Have a Family of Their Own?

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Longtime gay and lesbian couples perceive their relationship as just as committed and as much a family as married heterosexuals. Many couples hold commitment ceremonies to celebrate their relationship formally, in the company of friends and family.

A number of provincial and local governments now recognize same-gender partners. Increasingly more companies, including IBM and American Express, also provide “domestic partner” health coverage and benefits.

And more gay and lesbian couples are also becoming parents. Some lesbians have used artificial insemination to conceive a child that they can raise with their partner. Some gay men and lesbians, who came out after they had been involved in heterosexual relationships, are raising the children from those relationships with their gay partners. Also, more and more gay couples are adopting children together.

Adapted from “Our Daughters and Sons: Questions and Answers for Parents of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People” written by PFLAG