20 February 2004

What is my category? Butch? Trans?

I am a 15 year old girl that dresses and acts like one of the guys. I am attracted to women, and I was wondering what my “category” is. Am I Stone Butch? Trans? Any help would be appreciated. – Lacey

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

Dear Lacey,


Now that’s what I call a slippery question. Naturally, wearing some type of clothes doesn’t necessary mean you’re trans. My partner, who is a butch woman always wears something that is masculine and that’s basically because she is happy expressing that side of herself, yet she isn’t trans.


Today, the line in the gender binary system is becoming quite blurred, but I would encourage you to be honest with yourself in your feelings of how you identify. Being trans, butch or whatever else is all good … just find the appropriate support you’ll need if not yet out. One thing of importance, although trans can stand for much differing types of people, including butch, it is more about you being happy with yourself and knowing you are part of this beautiful rainbow of humanity. Remember, life is long and your wonderful journey of self-discovery has just begun.


You can always get in touch with Project 10 in the Montreal area and they are a Youth Group specialized in helping younger people better understand themselves and even have some pretty cool activities.



Joëlle Circé