22 September 2002

Raving 'E'ffects

Équipe -Pose ta question!-

Drugs and all-night dance parties are part and parcel of the rave scene. Or so that’s what we hear. But are these the only things that pack hundreds of people in empty warehouses around the world?

Personally, I never attend raves because they’re not my thing, but my younger brother loves them and goes every chance he gets.

According to my brother, it’s the lifestyle that draws him to the raves. And of course, there’s the music. He tells me that when you walk in, the air pulsates with electric sounds. Every thump and screech reverberates throughout your body. Rainbow lights zip across the room, and everywhere you look, you can see people dressed in outrageous outfits. Some people seem approachable while others are lost in their own worlds.

Photo by ravepictures.net

For sure, there isn’t much to do when you’re under the drinking age and aren’t allowed in adult clubs. Going to a rave allows you to hang out with your friends and dance until the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately, some Ravers believe that the only way to have fun is to take mind-altering substances.

I did a quick search on the Internet and found that the drug of choice for many Ravers is something called Ecstasy, also known as “E” or “X”. Commonly called the “love drug” or “hug drug,” Ecstasy made its debut in Britain over a decade ago. Supposedly, when you take this pill, you can throw away your inhibitions. You won’t judge or feel judged. You feel extra special, and everyone in the room is your pal.

It’s no wonder that the drug is so popular, because if you take it, your insecurities “magically” disappear. But people tend to forget that like any drug, Ecstasy (or what they think is Ecstasy) has some serious side effects. You can never tell how you will react to the drug, because the actual amount of Ecstasy can vary from pill to pill. A few years ago, for example, a 20 year-old Canadian University student had the ultimate “bad trip” after taking the drug. According to news reports, the student’s body temperature soared and caused bleeding in his internal organs. At the same time, he suffered uncontrollable seizures and had multi-organ failure.

While not everyone takes drugs at raves, there is a small but growing number who do. In my humble opinion, I don’t think it’s worth the risk. Do you?