24 December 2008

I would like to know about resources for transgender individuals in Ontario

Okay so now that I am out to myself about being transgender, I was hoping you guys could tell me some names of support groups. I know you guys are in Montreal which sucks because I live in Hamilton, Ontario. So I was wondering if you knew any support groups in that area or Stoney Creek, Ontario. I’m having trouble finding them. Thanks for your help.

JP Duc

Hi Mickey,

Here are the ressources I found online in your area, you can also contact your local health authority or youth health service organisation (public clinic or community center).

People who work locally with queer youth have a list of contacts that may not be available online, so contact this group who will have a better idea of the services available in your local community:

The AIDS Network (Serving Hamilton, Halton, Haldimand, Norfolk and Brant)
E-mail: info@aidsnetwork.ca
Web site: www.aidsnetwork.ca

Rainbow Youth
Description: Regular monthly drop-in meetings for GLBTQ youth in a central downtown, confidential location. Call for more details. Note: this is a social group, not a therapeutic group.
Goal: To provide a safe space where GLBTQ youth can meet other GLBTQ youth.
Services: Access to GLBTQ information and resources; sexual health information; and referrals to social services if needed.
Youth Involvement: Meeting agendas are set by youth.
Age Range: 16-21
Language: English

In Ottawa there is SAEFTY: https://www.saeftyottawa.ca/

The 519 has trans-specific resources: https://www.the519.org/programs/category/trans-specific

If you are having an immediate issue and need to talk to someone, call the LGBT YouthLine – www.youthline.ca

JP, for Project 10 Montreal (www.p10.qc.ca)