JP Duc

I am in love with a friend !

I have had very strong feelings for a very close friend of mine for almost all of high school. I could honestly say that I am in love with him because not a day goes by that I don't think about him and want to be there for him. The problem is that he is also a guy and I'm pretty sure he is straight, but not completely. He sometimes flirts with me in different ways but I think he is just kidding. I have managed to hold back for years but it so happens that we will go on to college together and having him live with me will drive me crazy. I am scared of telling anyone that I like a boy especially my family. But I am even more scared of ruining my relationship with him. He said that he accepts gay people as they are but I don't now how he could react to me. this has caused a lot of pain for me and I don't know what to do.

Men: I’m attracted to everything above the waist only

I am somewhat confused at the moment. I have never considered myself a homosexual man, and I still don't. I have never had romantic feelings toward men, but have found myself attracted to them before. Like, I will see someone and find them attractive. However, I'm the same way with women. However, I have had romantic feelings towards them. I am in high school, and have had several crushes throughout my life. I've never actually had a girlfriend, but I'm still a freshman. I have found myself attracted to guys, but I don't want to see their dicks. What I have seen (from movies, porn, whatever) doesn't turn me on, and never has. However, I've been attracted to pretty much everything above the waist. Does that make sense? I'm seriously confused. Am I gay, bisexual, what? I don't feel romantically attracted to guys, but I don't mind when a pyschically fit guy is shirtless or whatever. I don't like the male penis, and would not get on my knees and suck it. I know that's...

I would like to know about resources for transgender individuals ...

Okay so now that I am out to myself about being transgender, I was hoping you guys could tell me some names of support groups. I know you guys are in Montreal which sucks because I live in Hamilton, Ontario. So I was wondering if you knew any support groups in that area or Stoney Creek, Ontario. I'm having trouble finding them. Thanks for your help.

I hate how religions portray homosexuality

I hate when people start with religion and sexuality. They tell us how this stupid book says we can't be gay or whatever. They say its unnatural and try to 'FIX' us or abuse us. What if we don't want to be fixed, I certainly don't want to change my sexuality and third gender which I'm sure they are against too. Instead of trying to find a cure so people can be happy too, why don't they just leave us alone? My dad always brings up this stupid thing about how gays are wrong and how having same-sex intercourse is like doing it with animals. I told him that it's completely different because that's all about sex rather than sexuality and the animal can not make a mature choice as to if it wants to because it cannot speak so it's like RAPE, which is wrong. I'm really getting annoyed with the world's views on gays/transgenders and everything else. It's sickening. I want to help stop this madness but I don't know how. What can I do?? I feel so hopeless that the world is doomed to be forever like this.

Why do all religions condemn homosexuality?

Hello.... it is irfan here again.... well i read your was quite attractive and I liked reading about how every one has a right to live the way they want to live... From your answer, I am getting this idea that there is no religion in the world basically or we should not believe in any religion but as a Muslim that is not possible and it would be the most disgusting thing for me not to believe. If you have researched on different religions so you must have gotten the idea that nowadays everything is exactly as Islam predicted in its book the Koran: it means islam does exist..... that is for sure... I can't argue about this....but my problem can be solved by only your perspective/answer on this issue, i.e. that gay feelings are natural. If it's not natural then it could mean it is curable... if it would not be curable then it is not possible that islam predicted punishment.... it must have a solution on which we can act and can make our life comfortable. Just think about all religions being against gay feelings so how is it possible that being gay is natural?

I am attracted to men sexually, but I go out ...

I have fantasies about men and maturbate while thinking about men on my cross-country team. And I also masturbate while thinking about pictures of naked men I can find on the computer. And I had my penis sucked by one male and I sucked his penis as well. But right after I'm done with everything I still don't lose interest in men. But I do not date men. I only date women. I am attracted to women in terms of going out with them but not sexually. What does this make me? Should I tell the men I want to have sex with the most how I feel or just keep it a secret? Should I ask them to have sex? I am just unsure now because I am attracted to them for different reasons.

I am gay and I am criticized in my country ...

Hello , I'm a gay guy from Tunisia and I have some problems being gay! A lot of people even at school criticize the way I talk and walk and they're staring at me all the time. Besides,I have sexual urges and I want to have sex but I can't find sex partners to do it so I gave up and I became addicted to masturbation and gay porn movies. In my country, Tunisia, even gay and sexual websites are censored ! Sometimes , I think of committing suicide and it will be over ... What should I do and can I contact any organizations abroad to help me travel and live abroad legally? I have heard about this gay guy who left Tunisia to the U.S in 2003 after getting help from a L.G.B.T organisation. Please I need your help!

I am bi-curious but I don’t know how to approach ...

I am bi-curious. I have made out with a few dudes, but I want to explore beyond that boundary. My bestfriend is straight, and I don't know what his take on it would be if I came out of the closet. How should I tell him? Also, I'm not very good at the whole male approach, with women I can walk up to them and be ok, but with men I beat around the bush, and most of the time I get scared, because I don't want to be embarrassed if they're not into me. Help!