5 September 2005

I masturbate a lot is that a bad thing?

Hi there I’m thirteen now but I have been doing this since twelve, I masturbate every day 3 -4 times and is that a bad thing? Can that affect my kids in any way? Can it affect my sexual life in time and please just tell me what I should do and how many times and the whole nine yards thanks.

JP Duc

Billy, you have asked a question a lot of 11 to 13 year old guys ask themselves and the answer is no. You can masturbate as much as you want there is nothing wrong with masturbation, your friends probably do it too but just don’t talk about it. Masturbating is good because it let’s you discover sexual pleasure and explore your preferences. You can see what gives you pleasure and what toughs or fantasies are part of your experience. Choosing a time where you can have privacy is a good idea, having someone walk in to the bathroom or your bedroom can be embarrassing.

When masturbating guys usually rub their erect penis, this causes frictions which excites sensitive nerve endings located inside the flexible thin skin, by rubbing your penis many times a day you may cause a painful skin irritation, we suggest using water based lubricants. Don’t use soap, shampoos and hand creams all these products are not good for sensitive skin and will irritate even more, don’t forget to wash your hands well before you start.

Team Alterheros