24 August 2021

Do you have any queer psychologists to recommend?


I’m looking for a queer psychologist, it’s been really hard to find one. Do you have any suggestions?




That’s a good question! Most psychologists don’t mention wither they’re queer or not, even though that information definately can have an impact on the service they provide, the things you can share or that you will have to explain and the kind of relationship you can build with them. However, I do know and trust a few therapist that are, or that at least have strong experience with LGBTQ+ populations and explicitely advertise being queer affirmative.


Here are the english-speaking references I can offer : 


If you’d like to look into them or find other folks, here are where I know most of them from :


You could also look into the RÉZO, a Montreal community org working with cis and trans men who have sex with men. They have a program called ARC for the accessibility of mental health service in which you can get 8-10 free appointments with a LGBTQ+ friendly professional. You could sign up through a form on their website or by calling them at : 514-521-7778.


Hope this helps a little! Good luck with your research, and please let us know if you have any other questions.


Be safe,


Maxime, peer support agent for AlterHeros

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