16 July 2021

Can you please recommend me some medicine to increase the size of my penis?

I want to share one problem with you .
Like iam very much concern with my penis size
It’s only 4 inch .can you plz recommend me some medicine to increase the size





Thank you for trusting us with your concern and asking for our recommendations.


I hear that your penis size worries you a lot and I’m sorry to hear that.


I think you might be interested to learn that the average penis size world-wide is somewhere around 4-5 inches. There’s a lot of messages in porn and in society telling us that a bigger penis is always better, but that’s not true. In fact, a much larger penis can be a problem when finding a partner. A lot of people actually much prefer something closer to the average.


Either way, I can definitely tell you that you can have a happy, exciting and fulfilling sex life with a 4 inch penis. Size isn’t everything. Even a penis isn’t everything! There are many ways to explore and stimulate erogenous zones, feel intimacy, relax and have fun, either alone or with a partner. There are also some sex toys that can be use to simulate a bigger penis, this penis extender for example, if it’s something you are curious to explore with your partner‧s.  


You might have seen ads selling pills, natural products or pumps to increase penis size online. Be very careful with those, they usually try to make the people seeing them feel bad by giving false information so they can make a profit. They are mostly scams and not to be trusted. Some of them, like a pump, can also be really risky and can hurt your penis. 


Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns,


Maxime, peer support agent for AlterHeros

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