#anal sex
10 March 2022

Are there pleasure areas to touch inside rectally that can be enjoyed by women?

A girlfriend of mine and I include anal penetration with fingers of one another (and of ourselves) during sex. I too am female. It’s pleasant focusing on the anus, but although we don’t have prostates, are their pleasure areas to touch inside rectally that can be enjoyed for women?

Guillaume Perrier

Hi Cyprine!

I am very pleased to be able to answer your question, because I am myself a huge anal sex lover! There are many of us who experience great pleasure with anal sex and I don’t think it’s taboo to talk about it 🙂 So you did the right thing by writing to us!

If I understand your situation correctly, your partner and you are both enjoying anal penetration with fingers and anus stimulation. You are asking AlterHéros if there are any pleasure areas to touch inside rectally that can be enjoyed for people who don’t have a prostate.

First and foremost, let’s talk about anal sex. I’d like to point out that one of the main commonalities of human sexuality is that all human beings have… an anus! This is actually one of the only things in terms of sexuality that all of humanity can express! Consequently… why not be interested in the pleasure that this anus and rectum can give us and discuss together about anal pleasure?

To begin with, is it normal to like anal penetration? A short answer would be: yes, 100%! Then, why can we enjoy anal pleasure? Simply because the sensations are interesting… 😉 To quote this old (French) answer: “The anus contains many nerve endings that are very (very!) likely to give sexual pleasure. Depending on the person’s anatomy, the presence of a prostate can also produce extremely positive sensations. If a person does not have a prostate, pleasure is still possible because there are many nerve receptors in the anal canal that are directly connected to the brain, but also to the nerve endings of the vagina and clitoris. In short, anal [penetration] or anal masturbation, it allows us to enjoy the areas of our body that can give us pleasure. Simple as that!” In the end, as long as we know how to be patient at the time of penetration, we know how to relax or adapt the rhythm according to our body’s signals, we know how to use a lot (a lot!) of lubricant, and we remain aware of our body and our limits, the practice of anal penetration or masturbation can be hyper pleasurable for many people, and, yes yes, the ass can be a very interesting and stimulating field of exploration! Everyone has a different experience with anal pleasure and the important thing is that your anal penetration practices can contribute to your well-being, first and foremost: which seems to be the case!

Then, let’s get back to anal pleasure! As explained above, no matter if you are a man, a woman or a non-binary person, no matter what your sexual orientation is and no matter what your genitalia are, it is always possible to get pleasure from anal sex. The important thing is simply to allow everyone the opportunity to express their preferences, needs and limitations in terms of sexuality. On the other hand, more and more people are becoming interested in anal sex, as it is becoming less and less taboo to talk about sodomy. More and more women (heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual) are speaking out about anal sex and especially about anal pleasure. So it’s not just about the prostate or porn!

In the end, to answer your primary question, there is no specific pleasure areas to touch inside the rectum while all the rectum is covered by sensitive nerves. Each person can express their preferences about where they prefer to be touched from the inside. And you, do you have any preferences? By the way, some people who have a prostate may prefer to touched directly the prostate during anal sex, other will prefer to stimulate the anus, other will prefer a deep penetration… Same thing if you don’t have a prostate : the best way to know your favorite pleasure areas is to experience and try them all. 🙂 The important thing is that you feel comfortable in this!

Finally, I understand that you play with your partner’s fingers or yours. It could be great to incorporate several kind of sex toys if you both are interested in anal pleasure. 🙂

I hope I helped you out and answered your questions. If you are still concerned about something, we will be happy to help you!

Have an anal-y day!

Guillaume (he/him), for AlterHéros