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27 July 2022

Am I really trans if I also like gril things and am content with female pronouns?

I have gender dysphoria but also like girl things and am used to/content with my female pronouns.

Am I really trans (ftm)?

Hi there,
Thanks for your question! It’s simple, but also kinda complicated at the same time. Basically, yes you can be trans and FTM if you think you are and it makes sense to you. But let’s talk go one thing at the time.
You don’t necessarily need gender dysphoria to be trans. Some trans people feel perfectly comfortable in the bodies they grew up with and don’t feel the need to change much or anything. However, there are a lot of trans people who experience dysphoria and feel the need to modify some things in their gender presentation in order to feel better and more at peace. Gender dysphoria can be a good indicator of your gender, but so is the opposite : gender euphoria, or whenever you feel good and right about your gender and the way it’s understood by others around you.
In theory, you could also feel uncomfortable with some things associated with your gender assigned at birth, with femininity, your body or the way you’re perceived by others, without wanting to transition or be perceived as more masculine. It’s not impossible, but it wouldn’t exactly be considered gender dysphoria.
You can like “girl things”, like the color pink, long hair, nail polish or any other thing usually associated with femininity regardless of gender. There are girls and boys, cis and trans, as well as non-binary people and people who identify other wise who like and/or dislike those things. Gender is more than a cosmetic preference or an esthetic style, it’s how you feel inside. You can be a feminine trans man, even if that’s not the model we usually see. Have you ever heard of Gotmik? He’s a trans man who competed as a drag queen on a tv show and embraced his feminine side. You can read a quick article about him here.
As radical as this might sound, you can use whichever pronouns you like. You can be a trans guy and still use she/her sometimes, or mostly be a girl and go by he/they. You can use different sets of pronouns in different contexts or with different people. It’s something you can customize like hair and fashion. Pronouns are still associated with a specific idea of gender for most people, but that doesn’t mean it always will be.
I hope my answer was clear and informative! English isn’t my first language, but if there’s anything you don’t understand feel free to answer this email.
Take care, be trans, do whatever you want,