Lorin Young

About Lorin Young

Lorin has a medical degree and has since started her residency in Psychiatry. She also has experience with a variety of volunteer organizations on topics ranging from HIV/AIDS education, tobacco education, and mental health.

I've volunteered at AlterHeros because the questions were always interesting and I have learned a lot through them. It is really important to have a forum like this where people can feel free to ask complicated questions.

I was always a lesbian, am I turning bisexual over ...

Call me Cris. I'm confused and afraid with my feelings.for almost 13 years ive been living happily as a lesbian then after our break up with my girlfriend for 3 years, things have changed.it all started when i met a man last may. We become good friends. After a week I've been disturbed by a strange feelings like missing him, thinking of him, dreaming etc.... that it never happen to me before. Is it because of his good attitude like being sweet, caring, thoughtful etc..? It really scared me to death thinking that I'm a bisexual. My friends and families accepted me already as a lesbian, then all of a sudden this crazy feeling appeared. I don't know how to face and handle it. I'm really confused, don't know what to do. Pls i need your advice. thanks and more power

How do I juggle my feelings for my boyfriend and ...

I am a 16-year-old girl who has a boyfriend. I have been dating him almost a year and i love him to death. But recently i have developed strong feelings for my best friend. She is confused about her sexuality (partially because of me!) I fantasize about her and i'm so happy when we cuddle. She knows how to touch me too. Like she rubs my stomach or my back perfectly. We kiss each other on the cheek, nose, and forehead and she acts like she wants me to kiss her i just haven't yet. I don't want to ruin either relationship. I don't know what to do...Please Help. I love her as a best friend and more and i love my boyfriend so much, he is there for me even when i am going crazy about another person. What should i do? i'm already planning on kissing my best friend next time we hang out because if i don't i'm going to go insane. My boyfriend thinks i just need to experiment since being bi is a huge part of me yet i haven't done anything.

I feel alienated. How can I meet others in the ...

I chatted with an online gay friend for a few months and got quite emotionally attached to her till she said she was “tired” of me and wanted to leave. It took me some time to get over it. I have reached out to online LGBT communities within my country but haven't thought about meeting anyone. I don't really have any friends at college. I had to come out to a girl I had a huge crush on and she took it well but avoids talking about it. We do chat and that makes me feel better but, of late, her boyfriend has been sticking around her all the time and she doesn't even notice me. And this guy keeps despising me. I keep feeling like a loser. I can't even stop talking to her. My parents are too conservative. They ask if something has been bothering me and I have no answer. They dont even think that I can have problems in life unrelated to my studies. Homosexuality is illegal here and I feel as if I've got no future. I feel depressed and alienated from everyone. How do I get on with life?

Why do I need to fantasize about men to have ...

I'm a girl, dating a girl. We have sex all the time, but usually the only way I can have an orgasm is by imagining myself with a guy, or if I'm drunk. When I was with a guy, however, I never orgasmed, and found the experience uniquely unpleasant. I think women are beautiful, sexy and I get crushes on them all the time. I never get crushes on guys. I'm ashamed because the girl that I'm dating is wonderful, and everything else about our relationship is wonderful and amazing and I'm happier than I've ever been. I'd like to be with her for a long, long time. She just gets really, really disappointed when I don't have an orgasm, so I started imagining myself with a guy and it worked. My mom says that my not liking being with guys is because of my bad relationships with men. Now I'm afraid that this might be true, and that if it is, I shouldn't be with this girl, who I really want to be with. Can you please give me some advice or help? Thanks.

Irregular periods – Could I be pregnant?

Hello. So, I had sex with my boyfriend about 2 mouths ago now(we only did it for about 7 seconds or so).. and i had my period.. But it was weird.. my period goes up by 1 date every time.. first it was the 9th, then 8th, 7th.. but last month i had it on the 11th.. its jumping dates. and now it is the 18th and i still haven't had my period.. I don't know whats going on, I've been getting cramps and stuff.. but no blood yet. Im not showing any sines of being pregnant. im not sick or anything like that. I would really like some help. Please and thank you!

I am being forced into an arranged marriage

Ever since I was 16, my family suggested I get married to a family friend's son, and we've been together ever since. But I don't feel like I've ever loved him, I feel forced to be with him and that makes me very upset. I also have very strong feelings for this other guy but he said he didn't want to be with me, and this just makes me very sad. I feel I have very limited options as to what to do next. How can I get out of this mess? I feel so confused.