Can I catch the HIV virus by ingesting aerated ejaculate?

My question is about the HIV virus. If someone jerked off into something or onto something and it sat around (say they jerked off into a beer bottle) for a couple of hours or an hour, and someone else unknowingly downs it, are they at risk for HIV? Specifically, I drank something rank from a cup that had a bit of OJ at the bottom of it (as well) and I want to know the HIV risk. I have mouth ulcers (possibly from herpes), so if it's a risk, I'm in trouble for sure. (oh well, I'll deal with it--but could the OJ have actually done the virus in before I got hold of it?) There IS a risk it had HIV as there are a lot of high-risk-takers where I live. I will be tested either way -- just trying to manage the wait. Thanks.

Confused about my feelings for both women and men

I'm very confused and could use help. I'm a college student and for most of my life I considered myself straight. None of my relationships with guys worked, they all felt forced. Touching them (even just holding hands) was a chore and kissing them made me Ill. I still wanted to date them, of course, but I couldn't seem to be attracted or close to them. Eventually, I chalked it up to me just being unable to commit. Then I got to college and started looking around. I still want to date guys, but I find myself looking at girls with much more interest. I could see myself with them physically, which I never had with guys, but despite that I still don't know if I'm bi, straight, lesbian, or bi-curious and, since I live in a fairly homophobic area of the country, I have no idea how to figure it out and no one to talk to. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I have suffered a lot in my country of origin, ...

as a gay,i have suffered enough in my country nigeria and now am in netherlands seeking asylum,but i still feel insecure and timid here in netherlands, cos sometimes am been forced by gay guys here, so i don't like that kind of treatment cos i want a peaceful love life with whoever i found but forcing me makes me loosing my mind and also fearing that i might die,so just advice me because am confused here.i guess i should choose whom i want to be with but this type here is causing me to loose my mind and remember some bad treatments i received in my country. netherlands is a good country but some hooligans create a bad name for it in terms of been gay, so advice me ok and am also worried about my young brother who is also a gay but was also rejected like me and i don't know his whereabouts, so am really depressed and pissed off with life

I am in the UK, she is in the U.S. ...

i am an english woman and in love with the most wonderful woman in CHICAGO, we so much want to spend the rest of our lives together, but have only been together for 6 months. i want to move to her from uk. we are independent women, but your law wont let me in as we are gay, please help us.

Should I ignore the sick feeling I get when kissing ...

I've identified myself as a lesbian and come out to my sister and mom, but recently I'd been dating this guy who to me is the greatest person ever but I am not sexually attracted to him. We'd been going out for about two years and had never even as much kissed, but lately I felt pressured to be sexual with him because he'd been so patient with me all these years. Last time we went out we kissed and I just felt sick to my stomach because I was not at all into him in that way. Now I don't know what to say or do because I don't want to lose him as a friend. Should I be honest with him and tell him how I feel or try to get past it and work it out somehow?

My friends say I’m only in a phase when I ...

Okay, Well I've recently accepted myself as a bisexual (I was kind of denying it before) and I've only just built up the courage to tell my closest friends...and a lot of them are just saying that I'm not really bisexual and its just a phase that i will get over..and i think that's a load of crap...they say I'm to young to define my sexual orientation, i just want to know if this is really just a phase..i don't think it is but..I'm feeling really upset and it feels like they are only saying that because they don't accept me Help?. Thank you.

Making gay jokes may have changed the dynamic between my ...

Hey! Ok my situation is like this. I have a best friend and we are really close. We hang out all the time and do a lot together and have known each other for a long time now. We know everything about each other from the deepest secrets and we can talk about anything to each other. We always used to mess around and talk homo like to each other and then I really liked it. And one day he tried to tell me that he liked it too and that he thinks he was turning gay and not knowing if he was joking or not and if he wanted me to come out to him or not, I gave him a really shocked reply. Then he said he was kidding. Ever since then and slowly, I try talking to him in the same homo best friend type we used to talk and act but he acts all strictly and doesn't even joke around anymore. I mean we still best friends and really close but he just tries not to act gay around me anymore. I really miss the old him and I wish I could tell him that I like him but I can't risk my friendship with him.

My friends say I’m not really bisexual!

Physically I am attracted to men, but emotionally I am attracted to women. I would also rather be in a relationship with a woman. As I am currently looking for a girlfriend, but would have a boy friend. My friend tells me this might mean I am not really bisexual, just confused. But I really feel I am bisexual, because I am physically attracted to women, just not as much as men. Is this normal? Am I really not bisexual? Help please.