JP Duc

About JP Duc

JP has over 10 years of experience working with GLBTIQ youth organizations. He has been also a dedicated volunteer for over 16 major events including conferences & social functions for the gay community in Montreal. He also has done studies in creative arts, audio-visual and communication.

I enjoy challenging myself to find interesting ways of transmitting unbiased and practical information/solutions to common problems teenagers, and gay people face concerning sexuality. Seeing feedback from our visitors in the guestbook proves to me that a need exists for AlterHeros services and the thousands of volunteer hours that go into this organisation are appreciated by people from all over the world.

How come I get aroused by shirtless men? I’m sure ...

I have seen your site and feel very confused. I have always fantasized about girls since I started thinking about Sex and have only had crushes on girls, but sometimes when I see a someone with his shirt off or when I am in the locker room I get aroused. Gay Porn doesn't turn me on and recently I have tried thinking about gay sex too but that does not turn me on either. I feel very confused because I have never wanted to go out with or have sex with another man, but recently I have started obsessing about my sexuality. I am not homophobic but how can I be heterosexual and get aroused by men with their shirts off?

Guiding a gay youth while rejecting his sexual advances to ...

I am trying to help guide a young hispanic man (he's) 17 in the right direction to meet and get to know other guys in his age bracket. He's not shy, quite to the contray, but he's exhibiting inappropriate behavior. He showed up at our door begging us for sex. This situation is just wrong for many, many reassons. He seems overblown with hormones, but I'd like to know how he could get free counseling and maybe meet other young men (in a group situation) that he could get to know. He lives near is in the San Fernando valley and tells me that he feels completely cut off. His friends are all straight and as unfortunate as it is, are very homophobic. He's afraid they might try to kill him. We live in the San Fernando valley near North Hollywood. I'd like to give him some advice before he does something drastic or gets us in trouble. I really could use some information for him. (Counseling centers-gay hispanic yourth group meetings). Your immediate help would be appreciated. Thanks

Is it normal to be erect and flaccid, alternately?

i have read your reply to a question asked about wether masturbation can be harmful and may i say i am very relieved by the answer you gave. i was just wandering if frequent erections (as in maybe 2 in the same hour) wether submitted to sexual material or not can be seen as a problem? i am aware of men becoming impotent, but is there a title given to the polar opposite- frequently alternating between flaccid and erect without prompting?

I’m not into stereotypical gay men – I want male ...

I am gay and out for over 6 years now. I have never had a relationship, but I crave the intimacy and companionship. Gay men don't interest me. I don't, for the most part, find them attractive emotionally or sexually (as opposed to physically). I do find the idea of straight men much more appealing. -NOT- because its wanting something I can't have, but because I see them as "true men". I see gay men (myself included, and many see me as 'butch'), as having emotional structures more similar to women and it is just more apparent in some (Think about stereotypes of gays and lesbians). So I find it difficult to be attracted to what I see as "female" energy. I want male energy. I also don't have -any- desire for anal sex either way. I do like giving oral sex though, but never really had a 'passionate' sexual encounter. I feel very lost and different to most gay guys. It is distressing that I have little to no libido at my age, plus my disinterest in gay men. What can I do?

Does she want ME to kiss her? Or that other ...

hi my name is maribel, i have this Bi friend that i met last year. we have been talking, texting, and been spending so much time together. We really gotten to know each other pritty good, and i don't really know if she likes me? Because she talks about this other girl a lot (is it to get me jealous?), and i act like if i don't mined but really,I'm burning in the inside! Why doesn't she just hang out with the girl that she likes? why me? She sometimes even blows off the other girl to hang out with me? i have told her that i liked her but i couldn't talk about it no more. so we left it like that. My birthday just passed&how my birthday is on valentines day, she spent it with me, and i was going to kiss her for the first time but i really don't know if i should even think of that knowing she likes someone else? p.s. she Has been talking about A kiss,but she talks about that other girl& how she better get a kiss from someone before summer?(doesn't have to be that girl) What does all this mean? HELP

My preferences and desires are confusing me at age 13.

I am a 13 year old boy. I'm just confused. I'm turned on by both women and men, but I can't envision an actual relationship with a man, only something sexual. Also, I get extremely turned on by dressing up in female clothes, but times I wish I could just be a girl. What's up with me?

I felt guilty about masturbating. Now I keep thinking about ...

I am Johnn and i just became 19 To start first i hope that you help as much as i can as i cannot afford counseling at the moment.As far as i can remember i liked girls since 8years old or maybe 7 something like that, i had gotten an erection with a woman in an advertising back then, however i felt guilty about it and i suppressed my horniness ,until the age of 12 which a friend told me about masturbation, i started masturbating thinking of women naturally,but then 3 things happened. At age 13 i tried women clothes and liked them,a little before 14 i tried anal masturbation and liked it,at 14 i wanted to do me anal a friend of mine which did not happen,all this things happened so fast and even now i can say i am not attracted physically to men but i like thinking of penis a lot!I've only fell in love with women in the past,but now that i think of penis,i get so excited that i cannot think of them anymore,what happened to me?i am also a person who does not feel comfortable around women? Help!

Am I bi? I like both gay and straight porn.

Hi I'm 15 and I'm worried becouse I think I'm either gay or bi.i don't know where else I could find help.and everyday I can't help but see a guy naked and still be turned on by a girl.everyday I watch gay porn. I also watch straight porn to but for some reason gay porn turns me on more.I've never had sex before but I still get desires to see nude men. But still like girls to. And I only desire girls when i'm in school. So I ask for your help.

Am I gay? And how do I find the right ...

I am worried about myself because i think i am gay. I would like to see what it is like giving and receiving a blowjob from another male and i would also like to try gay sex. I do not seem to be interested in females. Am I gay, or is it just a phase that will pass with time? + Jimmy Eddy Homo, 12 years old, United Kingdom (Great Britain) How do i find the man that is right for me?