25 février 2024

Is it a possibility its just in my head ?

Hi, Well i just noticed i have started to like boys and im afraid my dad is going to find out im gay what should i do? is there a possibility its just in my head?

sabrina prégent

Hi Dylan,

You noticed you like boys and you are afraid your dad will find out you are attracted by boys. How will he know it? I understand that you dont want him to know it now and it is ok; you’ve just found you are attracted by boys. But if he knows, how do you think he will react? And what do you think you will do? You have the choice to say it to him or not. Later, when you will want your family to know you like boys or that you have a boyfriend, it will be a good moment to do your coming out. However, you are not obliged to do it one day if you don’t want to and you feel good this way.

So, you are attract by boys. Are you attract by girls too or only by boys? Society teaches us that if you are attract by people of the same sex than you, you are gay and if not, you are heterosexual. But you know life isn’t only black or white; there is a « spectrum » of gray between it. It means that you have to find where you are, and it is possible you are gay, you are bisexual and even heterosexual. You know, nobody is totally straigth; it is normal to have thoughs about people of the same gender than you. There is a lot of boys and girls who will questionning their sexual orientation; it is normal.

However, if you feel you are deeply attracted by boys, there is a lot of chances you wil stay attracted by them.

I gave you a lot of information about sexual orientation and I hope some of them will help you.

Sabrina, Alterheros