I want to explore freely without labelling myself…

Hi Matt,

Thank you for writing to us with your question. Fortunately for you, you live in Montreal where you have many ways at your disposition to meet other bisexual guys. You have access to some resources like Projet 10. They have bilingual group discussions every Wednesday night from 7 to 9 pm. Unfortunately, their web site is under construction but you can atleast get their phone number and address if you wish to contact them for further information. I don’t know if you can speak and understand French but if you do, check out Jeunesse Lambda. You can chat there with other gay, lesbian and bisexual youths ( 25 years of age and under) of the greater Montreal area.

Since you are of legal age, you could even go down town at Beaudry station in the “ Village”. There are many bars and clubs in Montreal’s gay community and you would be able to meet a lot of people there. There is nothing wrong with exploring with a same sex partner but make sure that you are at ease, comfortable and that you are careful. It’s the only safe way to meet people, regardless of the gender.

I hope these resources will be helpful!


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