I hate my gay feelings !

Hi again Chris !

It’s true that some guys, at adolescence, experiment homosexual contact but will develop, as they become adults, heterosexual comportements. But I think that for most of them, they have homosexual contact because they want to experiment, or because there is no girl available, but for what you told us in your last questions, you seem to have a deeper attraction to men than only “adolescence contact”.

Do you know Alfred Kinsey ? He made a research, in United States, in the 40’s, and I found that 37% of males that had answered to his research had had a sexual contact with same-sex in life… but most of those guys felt like heterosexual, and were married.

But, about 10% of men have more complex attraction to same-sex. They are homosexual or bisexual, but will, for most parts of their lifes, have an attraction to same-sex. With what you told us before, that might be your case. But, you can have a very satisfying relationship with a girl, if that’s what you want. Bisexual people are attracted to men and women, but not always in the same time ! I know a bisexual girl which has been in love with her boyfriend since almost five years, and never had an attraction for a girl in this time… but still his bisexual !

The last thing : frequently, those websites or TV shows that says that homosexuality is just a phase and everybody is heterosexual, are mostly organized by religious groups that denies homosexuality in general. Be attentive to what you’re watching !

Hope that helps,

François, for AlterHeros.

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