13 avril 2024

How can I increase my friendship with her?

Hi!…I am Anubhav from India and I really like a girl who is in my college but is in diff sec. …and I am not much known to her because we are not friends and I want to get in friendship with but I am lil bit scared whether she will accept me as a friend or not …and above all I want her to be part of my life so please help me out what to do…?
Should I increase friendship with first and if yes then how…?

Evelyn Kuang

Hi Anubhav, thanks for submitting your question to Alterheros.

It sounds like you’re in a tricky situation, dealing with a lot of things! Overcoming differences for the sake of friendship can be a frustrating situation. It can sometimes work out, and sometimes differences can be irreconcilable. This is just the nature of relationships between two people.

I think that you should get to know her better first, it will help you decide more specifically how you’d like her involved in your life- as a friend, as a girlfriend, as an acquaintance, as a role model, as someone to just hang out with. For example, as you get to know her, you might find yourself realizing she’s someone different than you expected, and you might be left feeling differently about her than you do now.

You seem very concerned about whether she will like you or not/accept you as a friend, but remember that a friendship takes two people to make, and that a friendship must always be balanced on both ends to be truly rewarding. Just remember to always ask yourself: is this what I want? Is this good for me? Whether you both accept each other as friends, it will happen naturally, and you needn’t be afraid of it happening or not- it will just happen and you will both feel happy about it and gradually more comfortable with one another. If it does not work out, then it probably wasn’t meant to be- and of course is no one’s fault.

I hope I helped make things clearer for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.

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